unreferenced tim roth fanart

I like your hair and your face and I think your opinions are valuable. I want to keep trying to spend time with you even after I go to college. I’m realizing I’ll actually live closer to you than I did before once I move.

(Also, I’m sorry your mom’s a jerk.)

exciting things about going to college: hundreds of new people to alarm and/or amuse with my exceedingly long tongue

kaalashnikov replied to your post:11
I think about you every time I see an egg which is a lot bc I like eggs and eat them


this is my legacy



I don’t talk to you a ton, but I still think about you pretty often.

Your art has been looking extra great lately.

I’ve been meaning to say something re: your posts recently, but my attempts to console people tend to make them feel worse, so I’ve stayed out of the way. You’re badass and deserve better than the shit you’ve had to deal with. If there’s anything I can do from down here in Boston, say the word.


I love you. (In a friend way.)

I think you’re super smart and super cool. I feel like I’ve known you a lot longer than I actually have. You have a good attitude, the kind I aspire to have.

I hope we get to hang out in a diner and talk about movies and writing some day.


i love fans

i love that there is someone with a username like elvispeen who liveblogged watching an elvis movie and the last line was just “crying bc he dead”